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Brothers and Others captures the impact of the September 11th tragedy on Muslims and Arabs living in America. This 60-minute television documentary follows a number of immigrants and American families as they struggle in the heightened climate of suspicion, FBI and INS investigations and economic hardships that erupted in America following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In interviews with Arab and Muslim immigrants, government representatives, and a select group of legal and historical experts—including Ghazi Khankan, Noam Chomsky and James Zogby—this film explores how America’s fear of terrorism has negatively impacted a substantial portion of the American population.


“This scintillating documentary addresses the acts of terrorism brought forth against Americans on September 11, 2001, exploring their effects on Muslims, South Asians and Arabs in the country." —

“…impressive and fascinating, both in subject matter and filmmaking…The filmmaking is direct and personal and conveys a sense of urgency and newsworthiness.” —MTV Networks International

“Highly recommended…gives a very moving glimpse into the lives of Muslims living in America.”

—Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)

Aired primetime between 2004-2005 on the Hallmark Channel's Faith and Values Show.

PBS and Link TV Special. Aired during a hearing of the US Commission on Civil Rights, NYC Chapter.

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