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Whether you need an experienced and talented crew with HD, 4K or film equipment and lighting and sound gears, or an office to rent or permit and scouting needs, we will be here to help you. The New York City shooting terrain is second nature to the Agoras Media team and our many production partners throughout the city. Our in-house cameras include the following:


Having taken all of our films through the entire post-production process – from logging to scoring and mixing to graphics and titles and finally through complicated online sessions – we know all projects, whether for theatrical release or corporate events, are ultimately made on the cutting room floor. Agoras is equipped with Premiere Pro CC from Adobe and DaVinci Resolve 18.


Agoras Media's productions have played in hundreds of sold-out venues worldwide. We can help you implement a strategy to promote your film in the US and Canada. Our films have been reviewed by countless media outlets, aired/streamed on more than 100 outlets, and distributed by award-winning US distributors and international sales agents. There are many ways to get your film produced and seen – and getting the right advice at the right time can make all the difference.




Agoras is a market to share ideas using videos and photo essays.  We are looking for freelance collaborators or partner production companies. Contributors include filmmakers, news reporters, visual multimedia storytellers, and writers who create original content. Our subjects of interest are primarily conflict resolution, conservancy, climate emergency, extreme sport, and philosophy.


For questions, email us at

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