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Agoras Media is a boutique media production company comprised of professional storytellers specializing in all aspects of video production. It was founded in 2023 by Award Winning filmmaker Nicolas Rossier.  


Agoras is a market to share ideas using videos and photo essays.  We are looking for partner production companies to produce and syndicate work with us. Starting 2024, we will also invite contributor storytellers to submit original content. If you have timely and timeless work you want to publish on our page, please submit a short synopsis and a bio plus some visuals (photos or teaser), and we will return within 48 hours. 


Nicolas Rossier – Agoras Publisher / Producer  
Cameron Clendaniel  – Film Editor
Ian DiSalvo - Cameraman


 - Past Collaborators - 

David Ridgen – Investigative Reporter
Naashon Zalk – Reporter &  Producer
Tami Woronoff – Producer & Journalist
Sandra Petraglia Rossier – Digital Creator
Jon Alpert & Matthew O’Neill  - DCTV

Bill Jersey -Filmmaker
Reed Lindsay – Filmmaker/Journalist

Jawad Metni - Cameraman/Editor
Sebastian Kauderer – Film Composer

Jennifer Filippazzo - Producer
Jennifer Utz – Multimedia Producer

Emmanuel Tagnard – TV Journalist

Laurent Peter – TV Reporter
Mike McSweeney – Cameraman

Ryan Deussing - Editor/Producer

Roopa De Choudhury - Producer

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